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How Much are Your Old Holiday Decorations Worth?


Christmas collectibles continue to bring high values in the secondary marketplace, especially rare pieces. Some of the most valuable items date back to the late-1800s, and those older than this rarely come up for sale today. In general, most antiques and collectibles should be in excellent condition to bring a high value but sometimes rarity overrules condition. In other words, when an item is rare enough, collectors will pay a high price to own it even if it's not in pristine, or mint, condition. Early Christmas collectibles often fall into this category.
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McLoughlin Bros. Santa in Automobile Race GameMcLoughlin Bros. Santa in Automobile Race GamePuss 'N Boots Cat OrnamentPuss 'N Boots Cat OrnamentFather Christmas Oil LampFather Christmas Oil LampFather Christmas LanternFather Christmas Lantern
Eddie Cantor 1920s Glass Christmas OrnamentEddie Cantor Glass Christmas OrnamentHeubach Child Building Snowman Candy ContainerHeubach Child Building Snowman Candy ContainerSanta & Bear Family Christmas SceneSanta & Bear Family Christmas ScenePapier-mâché BelsnicklePapier-mâché Belsnickle
Santa Candy ContainerSanta Candy ContainerPink Belsnickle SantaPink BelsnickleChalk Santa BankChalk Santa BankCelluloid Santa Wind-Up Toy
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