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Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Learning about antique and vintage jewelry
  1. Art Deco and Retro (10)
  2. Bakelite and Plastics (8)
  3. Gemstones and Pearls (17)
  4. Hair & Head Ornaments (8)
  5. History and Information (29)
  6. Jewelry Price Guides (6)
  7. Men's Jewelry (5)
  8. Necklace Styles (10)
  9. Pre-1850 Jewelry (12)
  10. Silver (6)
  11. Victorian and Edwardian (31)
  12. Vintage Costume Jewelry (40)
  13. Watches (4)

Advantage Vintage: Stylish Accessories for Less
Shopping for vintage accessories can be stylish, but it can also mean saving lots of cash.

Bakelite Jewelry
Wondering how to test for Bakelite and what to look for in reproductions? Find out here.

Bakelite Jewelry Price Guide
A guide to help you value and price your vintage Bakelite jewelry.

Buying Antique Fine Jewelry

Contemporary jewelry pieces are all very fine. But here are some reasons why, once you start wearing antique jewelry crafted of precious metals and materials, you may be spoiled for anything else.

Buying Vintage Costume Jewelry
If you wonder what to look for when buying a vintage costume jewelry gift for yourself or a friend, this feature will provide you with some valuable tips.

Cabochon Definition
The definition of the jewelry-related term cabochon.

Discover the Fun of Figural Jewelry
Learning about whimsical adornments can bring almost as much cheer as wearing them. Find out just what figurals are and where you can get a few of your own right here.

Fine Antique Jewelry Price Guide
A guide to help you identify and value your fine gold, diamond and gemstone antique jewelry.

Girandole Earring
One of the most classic of earring styles is the girandole. This glossary-style article traces the history of the girandole earring and furnishes illustrated examples.

Garnet Jewelry Price Guide
Wondering how much old garnet jewelry is worth? Take a look at this illustrated guide for values and more information on antique Bohemian garnet jewelry.

Know Your Antique Necklace Styles
A guide to different styles of antique necklaces - styles you're probably familiar with, but never knew the proper name.

Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Patriotic sweetheart jewelry is a sentimental favorite of your Guide, find out more about these treasures here.

Packaging Antique & Collectible Jewelry for Shipping
While most people think they're doing a good job packaging vintage and antique jewelry for shipping, pieces arrive broken every day. Avoid disappointment and learn how to do it right.

Painted Porcelain Jewelry and Buttons
Find out about antique hand painted jewelry from the early 20th century through a book review from your guide.

Ever hear the term saphiret? Take a look at this example and definition to find out what they look like.

Silver Jewelry Price Guide
Silver Jewelry Values Guide - An online guide to help you value and price your collectible antique and vintage silver jewelry.

Top and Drop Earring
The top and drop earring is one of the most classic earring styles. This illustrated glossary-style article defines the top and drop earring.

Vintage Costume Jewelry Price Guide
Learn how much your vintage costume jewelry is worth through this pictoral price guide.

Warman’s Jewelry 5th Edition
Christie Romero's text is revived in this updated edition of Warman's Jewelry.

Ways to Test Bakelite for Authenticity
Wondering how to test Bakelite to see if it's the real deal? Check out the best ways to accomplish this task here.

Dictionary of Antique and Estate Jewelry
A very useful list of terms commonly used to describe the styles and components used in fashioning period jewelry.

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