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Advertising from Ladies Home Journal - June 1904
A sampling of advertising from Ladies Home Journal in 1904.

Antique Dolls - Hello Dolly
Collectors find the key to eternal childhood by surrounding themselves with playthings from the past. Learn more about dolls and their vast appeal with an article from your Guide.

Art Prints - The Art of Collecting American Prints
Do you know the big names to look for when foraging flea markets and tag sales for American prints?

Black Americana - Living with Black Americana
What makes people want to collect black Americana? The answer may prove to be surprising, along with the big names collecting this stuff.

Board Games - Make a Monopoly Collecting Board Games
Board games are indeed collectible. Find out which games are worth the most.

Breweriana - Beer Appreciation Goes Beyond Good Taste
Summer fun often calls for a cold brew, even for collectors. Learn more about what's considered collectible in the wide world of breweriana.

Butterfly Wing Collectibles - A Collection of a Different Sort
Lots of people love butterflies, but what about butterfly wings? Morpho butterfly wings were used to craft souvenirs and decorative items from the 1920s through the 1950s, and they're still being produced in some parts of the world.

Calendars - Year After Year, Calendars Remain Collectible
Calendars are useful, yes, but they can also be collectible.

Campaign Buttons - Hail to the Chief of Collectibles
Win or lose, it's how you play the game, right? Nah. It's how you collect the buttons! Find out more about collecting presidental campaign buttons with an article from your guide.

Cat Collectibles - Curiosity Thrilled the Collector
Find out what makes a cat collector purr, including some great vintage gift ideas.

Collecting the Little Joys of Christmas - Antique Holiday Books
Sometimes favorite collections can be simple and inexpensive. Read about your guide's collection of holiday themed books that recently expanded to include a beautiful vintage title.

Christmas Ornaments - Trim a Tree with Uncommon Ornaments
Using out of the ordinary objects, even collectibles, to decorate a Christmas tree can produce striking results.

Coca-Cola Collectibles - Grab a Collectible and a Smile
Dating back to 1886, Coca-Cola items offer challenging fun for collectors of advertising memorabilia.

Collectible Aluminum Hammers Out a Niche
Although aluminum wasn't always the most popular kid on the block, today's collectors recoginze it as desirable. Learn more about hammered and anodized aluminum collectibles including the most popular names in the field.

Dionne Quintuplets Collectibles

Dog Collectibles - Collecting's Gone to the Dogs
Sure, we know dogs as "man's best friend," but when we think of collectibles it seems that cats get all the attention. Not any more. Since every dog truly does have its day, we'll delve into the fun world of dog trinkets collectors seek.

Easter Collectibles Signal Springtime
Get ready for the Easter bunny with an article on the history of the holiday and colorful collectibles that harken springtime.

Gifts for Collectors - Romancing the Collector
Learning how to choose the perfect gift doesn't have to end with Valentine's Day. These suggestions from "Dr. Romance" work all year long.

Golf Collectibles - Take a Swing at Golf Collectibles
The most valuable golf collectibles fall into the category of true antiques. Find out more about these legendary collectibles along with a few modern examples worthy of a closer look.

Griswold Cast Iron - Collecting Heavy Metal
Griswold lovers get serious about cleaning and collecting cast iron in an article from Pamela Y. Wiggins, your About.com expert guide to antiques.

Halloween Celebrations - Romantic Halloween Customs
When it's time to learn about how Halloween was celebrated a century ago, we've got it covered. After all, incorporating a few romantic traditions to an All Hallows Eve celebration can turn a boring party into a vintage affair!

Halloween Collectibles - Frightening Prices
Read about a book from Krause Publications that can help you value all your wonderful Halloween collectibles.

Halloween Collectibles - HaPPy HaLLoWeeN!
Your guide shares some of her favorite Halloween memories and collectibles complete with a colorful photo. Scroll down past the article for a link to vintage Halloween greetings to share with all your best ghouls.

Haunted Antiques - Ghostly Treasures in Your Home
You don't have to wait until the ghosts and goblins hit the streets to find out if some of your antiques might be holding a few spirits of their own. Read a few Tales of Ghostly Treasures and you might become a believer, too!

The History of Santa Claus - Visions of Christmas Past
Find out more about how the modern vision of Santa Claus came about and which Santa collectibles are worth the most.

Ivory Ban and Antiques
Thinking about selling a piece of ivory? Read this first.

Kitchen Tools as Collectibles
Have some old kitchen tools and implements stuck away in a drawer? Those vintage and antique ice cream scoops, cookie cutters, and meat forks may be valuable collectibles worth some money.

License Plate Collecting - A License to a Cool Collection
License plates as collectibles? You bet! Learn more about them here.

McClelland Barclay Lives on Through Collecting
Many people know McClelland Barclay as an American Illustrator, but collectors know he also sculpted and designed jewelry.

Mid-Century Modern - It's a Mod, Mod World
Home furnishings of the 1950s have come into their own as new Mid-Century Modern collectors enter the field. Learn about the collectibles of today, including George Nelson's clocks, destined to become the highly valued antiques of the future.

Music for the Eyes - Vintage Sheet Music
Vintage sheet music can be an affordable collectible. There are exceptions to the rule, however. Find out which old sheet music is worth the most to collectors.

Newspapers - Old News Can Be Good News
Collecting old newspapers can be an enlightening hobby for the history buff. Take a trip down memory lane with your guide.

Photograph Care - Preserving the Past
A past feature article from your guide providing information on the collection and preservation of photographs.

Piano, Pianoforte or Maybe a Harpsichord?
Have you ever wondered about the difference between a piano and a pianoforte? Find out about these antique instruments and the harpsichord too.

Postcards - A Love for Old Postcards
Your expert guide to antiques for About.com thinks collecting old postcards is a wonderful hobby... maybe you will too.

Rag Dolls - Raggedy, Yes. Worthless? No!
Sure there's Raggedy Ann, but that's not all there is to collectible rag dolls.

Railroad Collectibles - Alaskan Rail Reflections
Vacationing in Alaska brought about visions of railroad antiques and collectibles as your guide made her way through the Yukon Territory on a scenic train ride.

Santa Postcard Collection
Santa Claus took on many different looks when illustrated on early 20th century postcards. Observe how the familiar face of Christmas changes from view to view with holiday greetings from your guide.

Scotty Dog Collectibles - Presidential Pet Pleases Collectors
Take a look back at the collectibles spawned by FDR's favorite pet more than 60 years ago.

Texas Centennial Collectibles
They threw a big party in Texas to celebrate the Texas Centennial back in 1936. Now people collect items from that event along with World's Fair memorabilia.

Thanksgiving Collectibles - Talking Turkey Collecting Style
While it's probably the most neglected of the major American holidays, even Thanksgiving can be celebrated with collectibles.

Valentine Cards - Remembering Romance
Get a valentine history lesson and learn about collectible cards.

Wedding Collectibles - A Love Affair with Wedding Memorabilia
You don't have to be a June bride to appreciate wedding collectibles. Take a look at this article for a few ideas on nuptial-themed collecting.

Foiling Fakers in the 1800s - First Product Lithography
Think fakes and counterfeits are a modern concept? See some cigarette labels, the first used in product labeling, that helped foil fakers in the 1800s.

What You Need to Know About Collecting Celluloid
Antiques made of celluloid, from jewelry to holiday decor, can still be readily found, but is it safe to have them in your home?

Art of the Buckle
Western style collectibles in the form of belt buckles can make a varied and interesting collection, as illustrated by this nicely illustrated book.

The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage

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