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Made of Glass

Learning about things made of glass

Akro Agate - An Introduction
Learn about marbles and other types of glassware, including children's dishes, made by Akro Agate from the early 1900s through the late '40s.

Blown Glass - Answers to Questions
If you've ever wondered how long blown glass has been around, or what to look for in a quality collectible piece, answers to your questions are right here.

Colored Antique Glass - What Gave It Those Beautiful Hues?
Ever wonder what gives glass, antique glass in particular, those lovely hues? Find out more about how glass is made and colored here.

"Flashed On" Color - What Does It Mean?
If you've ever heard the term "flashed on" in passing and wondered what it meant in reference to old glassware, wonder no more.

Glass Children’s Dishes
Find out more about collecting cute and clever glass children's dishes.

The Jack in the Pulpit Vase
This style is easily recognizable once you learn its name, but do you know who coined the term?

Jeanette Glass Company - An Introduction to the History and Wares of …
Jeanette Glass Company - An Introduction to the History and Wares of Jeannette Glass Company including Depression Era Glass and Milk Glass

Glass and Ceramic Baskets
A review from the collector's perspective: Glass and Ceramic Baskets by Carole Bess White and L.M. White.

Glass Candy Containers - Collecting and Valuing
Glass candy containers made from the early 1900s through the 1940s doubled as toys for children. See an example of these collectibles and learn more about how much they are worth.

Hobnail Definition
Ever wonder exactly what people are referring to when they say hobnail in relation to antique and vintage glass?

How to Check Glassware for Damage
Learn how to thoroughly check glassware for damage to avoid making costly mistakes.

Intaglio - The Definition of Intaglio
Learn what the term intaglio refers to in glass and jewelry manufacture.

Nappy Definition
Nappy is an old fashioned term for a type of antique serving dish. See an example here.

Pamper Your Vanity with a Vintage Powder Jar
A beautiful vanity or dressing table was once the epitome of style for the fashionable lady's home. And on every table was a gorgeous powder jar. Learn more about them and what they're worth.

Pressed Glass - Answers to Questions
Exactly what is pressed glass? If you've ever wondered what it is and which types of glass fall into this category, this question and answer article will fill you in on pressed glass.

Reamer Definition
You've probably seen reamers a time or two, but did you know that's what they're called?

What Makes a Swig Swanky?
Ever heard of a swanky swig?

English Pressed Glass Flower Frogs
The Flower Frog Gazette provides information on frog beauties made in England.

Glass Paperweights
Find out how glass paperweights are made in this International Paperweight Society slide show.

Reamers: The Great American Kitchen Collectible
Reamers, also known as juicers, have been around for over 200 years. Learn more about them from the National Reamer Collectors Association.

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