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Artist Signatures on Rookwood Pottery

Marks or Ciphers Used by Various Decorators


The artist decorated wares produced by Rookwood can range in value from hundreds to thousands of dollars. These hand-decorated pieces are usually more valuable than the company's mass produced one-color production lines.

Artist decorated pieces often have the initials or name, known as an artist's cipher, incised or printed on the bottom of the piece below or near the reverse RP mark. Pieces made by the most skilled of Rookwood artists are very desirable to collectors, so being able to identify them correctly is an advantage to both sellers and buyers.

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Louise Abel Incised Rookwood Pottery MarkRookwood Louise Abel MarkConstance Baker Rookwood MarkRookwood Constance Baker MarkCipher Used by Rookwood Pottery Artist Irene BishopRookwood Irene Bishop MarkRookwood Arthur Conant MarkRookwood Arthur Conant Mark
Rookwood Ed Diers SignatureRookwood Ed Diers SignatureArtist's Signature for Edward Hurley on Rookwood PotteryRookwood Edward Hurley MarkL.N.L. Mark or Signature Used by Elizabeth Lincoln on Rookwood PotteryRookwood Elizabeth Lincoln MarkMargaret Helen McDonald Rookwood Artist Mark or SignatureRookwood Margaret Helen McDonald Mark
Rookwood Earl Menzel Artist's CipherRookwood Earl Menzel MarkRookwood Albert Pons MarkRookwood Albert Pons MarkO. G. R. Mark or Signature Used by Olga Geneva Reed on Rookwood PotteryRookwood Olga Geneva Reed (Pinney) MarkRookwood Sara Sax MarkRookwood Sara Sax Signature
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