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Miscellaneous Antiques

Resources for topics of varied interest

Butterfly Wing Collectibles - A Collection of a Different Sort
It's time for butterflies to frequent spring gardens. But have you been overlooking a bevy of beautiful butterflies as you're out shopping for collectibles?

Campaign Buttons - Hail to the Chief of Collectibles
Win or lose, it's how you play the game, right? Nah. It's how you collect the buttons! Find out more about collecting presidental campaign buttons with an article from your guide.

Cat Collectibles - Curiosity Thrilled the Collector
Find out what makes a cat collector purr, including some great vintage gift ideas.

Cigarette Sign - Foiling Fakers in the 1800s
Think fakes and counterfeits are a modern concept? See some cigarette labels, the first used in product labeling, that helped foil fakers in the 1800s.

Cigar Boxes - Collecting Old Wooden Examples
A type of tobacciana, old wooden cigar boxes are very collectible. Learn more about them here.

Collectible Aluminum Hammers Out a Niche
Although aluminum wasn't always the most popular kid on the block, today's collectors recoginze it as desirable. Learn more about hammered and anodized aluminum collectibles including the most popular names in the field.

Dog Collectibles - Collecting's Gone to the Dogs
Sure, we know dogs as "man's best friend," but when we think of collectibles it seems that cats get all the attention. Not any more. Since every dog truly does have its day, we'll delve into the fun world of dog trinkets collectors seek.

Fiddleback Antique Wall Telephone
Wondering how much antique wall phones are worth? See an example and pricing for a Fiddleback telephone here.

Griswold Cast Iron - Collecting Heavy Metal
Learn more about collecting Griswold cast iron cookware.

License Plate Collecting - A License to a Cool Collection
License plates as collectibles? You bet! Learn more about them here.

Hubley Pekinese Dog Doorstop Value
How much is a Hubley Pekinese dog doorstop worth? Find out here.

The Value of Vintage Louis Vuitton Luggage
The value of vintage Louis Vuitton doesn't stop with handbags. Luggage bearing the timeless LV logo is pricey too.

Man + Antiques = Mantiques
At the risk of being sexist, I'm going to go ahead and label some antiques and collectibles collected mainly by men as "mantiques." These include vintage license plates, golf memorabilia and beer collectibles. Don't agree with me? Bring it on. I may not collect "mantiques," but I can take the heat!

Pot Belly Candlestick Telephones - How to Identify
Mistaking a pot belly candlestick phone for a run of the mill example can cost you thousands. Learn more about them here.

Movie Memorabilia and Collectibles
An informative article featuring vintage movie memorabilia and collectibles, including price points for select pieces of interest.

Plain Front Antique Telephones
Wondering what a Plain Front Antique Telephone looks like? See an example here.

Picture Frame Front Antique Telephones
Collectors call this type of phone a Picture Front for a reason. See an example here.

Presidential Campaign Buttons
What do presidential campaign button collectors look for and how much will they pay to own a special example?

Railroad Collectibles - Alaskan Rail Reflections
Vacationing in Alaska brought about visions of railroad antiques and collectibles as your guide made her way through the Yukon Territory on a scenic train ride.

Razor Blade Packages - Sharp Israeli Collector Shares Close Shave
Razor blade packages as collectibles? You bet! Learn more about the hobby through a guest feature filled with sharp information on these affordable collectibles.

Scotty Dog Collectibles - Presidential Pet Pleases Collectors
Take a look back at the collectibles spawned by FDR's favorite pet more than 60 years ago.

Telephones - Antique Wall Models
Use this photo-based guide to help you identify old wall telephones.

Texas Centennial Collectibles - A TEXAS Size Exposition
They threw a big party in Texas to celebrate the Texas Centennial back in 1936. Now people collect items from that event along with World's Fair memorabilia.

Tobacciana - What is It?
Tobacciana encompasses many different collectibles relating to cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco products. Learn more about them here.

Trade Stimulators
What are Trade Stimulators? Coin operated or coin-op gambling devices collected along with slot machines.

Tulle Definition
Do you know what tulle is? Do you know how to pronounce it?

Two Box Wall Telephones
How does a two box model differ from other antique wall telephones? Find out here.

Vintage Aprons - Collectors Tie One On
Aprons have become more and more collectible over the years, but most people don't realize the wide variety available. Learn more about them and what's collectible.

Wedding Collectibles
It was just a matter of time until sentimental collectors began gathering up beautiful groupings of wedding memorabilia. Learn more about what to look for and what those items might be worth.

Western Electric 51AL Dial Candlestick Telephone
What does a Western Electric 51AL Dial Candlestick phone look like, and how much are they worth?

World’s Fair Collectibles Offer a Trip Back in Time
One of the fun things about collecting is the history associated with objects, and when it comes to World's Fair memorabilia these items can take you on a trip back in time.

Cyber Telephone Museum
View a collection of old telephones then learn about the history and restoration of these unique collectibles.

Revolutionary War Antiques
A site dedicated to antiques dating back to the Revolutionary War including information for research and auction listings for those interested in buying.

The colorfully decorated tobacco items from years past remain popular with collectors today. Learn more about them with this illustrated article.

Typewriter History at a Glance
Have an old typewriter hanging around the house? Learn more about it here.

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