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The Value of Vintage Louis Vuitton Luggage


Prestige Brand Popular with LV Logo Enthusiasts and Collectors
Louis Vuitton Classic Suitcase with Cunard Sticker

Louis Vuitton Classic Luggage with Cunard First Class Sticker

- Photo Courtesy of Morphy Auctions
While it never completely goes out of style, the Louis Vuitton luxury brand seems to have a resurgence in popularity every 25 years or so. At these peak periods of demand, everything bearing the famous LV logo, from handbags to luggage, becomes even more collectible and prices rise in concordance.

Luggage with the LV logo, no matter how poor the condition may seem at first glance, can be quite valuable. Even battered suitcases or those missing handles can sell for hundreds if not $1,000 or more. The example shown here sold for $1,560 (not including buyer’s premium) at Morphy Auctions in February, 2012 in spite of showing signs of quite heavy use. One like it in excellent condition could easily go for twice that amount, if not more.

Some of the priciest items in this vein are large trunks featuring the LV logo, which can easily sell for $10,000-12,000 and up depending on the size and condition. These were popular with wealthy individuals in the early part of the 20th century when a set of suitcases would not meet the need for trips requiring a more extensive wardrobe. They range in size from miniature trunks used to hold small items to very large steamer trunks fit for long transatlantic voyages. Many of these are purchased today by Vuitton fans to use in their homes either for extra storage space or to serve as coffee tables.

It’s interesting to note that Louis Vuitton, the man after which the company was named, got his start as a Parisian trunk maker in the mid-1800s long before founding his own business that grew into a statement-making powerhouse.

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