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George Ohr Pottery Price Guide

A Resource for Identifying and Valuing Ohr Pottery


George E. Ohr (1857-1918), who proclaimed himself the "Mad Potter of Biloxi," crafted abstract art pottery more than a century ago in Mississippi. His vision for abstract wheel-thrown works were well ahead of their time in terms of style, acceptance and popularity. Now Ohr's vessels are eagerly sought by advanced pottery collectors and displayed with reverence in museums.
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Black Pitcher by George OhrGeorge Ohr Black PitcherGeorge Ohr Red VaseGeorge Ohr Brown MugGeorge Ohr Brown Vase
George Ohr Mottled VaseGeorge Ohr Green VaseGeorge Ohr Dark Green VaseGeorge Ohr Crimple Vase
George Ohr Black BowlGeorge Ohr Green Tall VaseGeorge Ohr Crimped BowlGeorge Ohr Blue Pitcher
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