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Researching Marks, Signatures, Reproductions and More

Marks, reproduction information and other resources for research
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Glassware Marks & Signatures
This gallery of glassware marks and signatures can help you identify your collectible glass.

Guide Picks - General Reference Guides
Guide Picks - Top General Guides on Antiques & Collectibles

How Can I Tell if an Object is a Reproduction?
Distinguishing antiques from reproductions takes practice, but you can learn to tell genuine antiques from newer reproductions with patience and study.

How Old is Old Enough to be Considered Antique?
How old does something need to be to be an antique? The answer might surprise you.

Pottery and Porcelain Marks
Identify your pottery and porcelain pieces with this illustrated marks gallery researched and compiled by your guide.

Researching Antiques on the Internet
The Internet can be a useful tool in antique research, but sometimes you have to think outside normal parameters to get the most from your quest for information. Let these helpful hints guide you as you learn from resources the Web has to offer.

Roseville Pottery Reproductions - Identifying Roseville Repros
Roseville Pottery reproductions are fairly commonplace nowadays, but it's easy for the new antiques dealer or novice collector to be fooled by them. Learn to identify Roseville reproductions comparing old and new pieces.

Silver and Silverplate: Best Resources for Researching Marks Online
You can't pore over auction records and price guides for values if you don’t know exactly what you have and who made it. The Internet offers a wealth of information on sterling silver and silverplated wares. Here are some of the best spots online you assist you in researching silver origins, craftsmen and manufacturer's.

Testing Antiques with a Black Light
Testing antiques and collectibles with a black light can help with dating and authenticating, two problem areas for beginning antiquers.

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