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Sticker used from 1937 to 1942. See below for more Catalina Pottery marks information.
Catalina Pottery Sticker Used by Gladding McBean & Co.

Catalina Pottery Sticker Used by Gladding McBean & Co.

- Morphy Auctions
Gladding McBean & Co. acquired the Catalina Island Pottery Co. and its molds in 1937. The sticker shown was used on art pottery made by Gladding McBean & Co. from 1937 until 1942 when the Catalina Pottery Art Ware line was discontinued due to war production, according to the gmcb.com website. Oftentimes these pieces will bear another mark such as "Catalina Pottery U.S.A." but the stickers were worn away with cleaning and use.

Note: These pieces should not be confused with those made by the original Catalina Island Pottery Co. at the original island factory off the Southern California coast from 1927 to 1937. Those are most often marked "Catalina" or "Catalina Island" incised into the bottom of the pieces. Catalina Island pieces are more highly prized by collectors and bring higher prices than those marked "Catalina Pottery."

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