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Resources for Beginning Antiquers

Things you need to know when you're starting out

Antique - What's the Definition of Antique?
Exactly what does it mean to call something an antique? Find out what qualifies as an antique in terms of age and the differing opinions on this topic.

Antiques Glossary
If you're unsure about the meaning of parure, patina or provenance, along with many other useful antiques-related terms, check out this handy glossary.

Art Deco Style
Wondering what people are referring to when they say "Art Deco" or "Deco"? Learn more about this ever-popular style, including how to recognize it.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco: What's the Difference?

Books on Specalized Antiques Topics
If you value having a shelf full of books to refer to when doing research on antiques and collectibles, now's the time to buy as more and more publishers turn to e-books as their staple.

Collectibles Definition: What is a Collectible?
If you've ever wondered how to define collectibles, here's the answer.

Confusing Furniture Terms - Chifferobe or Chiffonier?
Just as styles changed over the years, so did furniture terminology. Learn to make sense of confusing furniture terms with a feature article from your Guide.

Collecting and Accumulating, It's all Good!
Is there a difference between "collectors" and "accumulators?" Do you know where you fit in? Read your guide's take on the topic and decide for yourself!

Collecting with Children - A Little Collection Goes a Long Way
Learn how to make your collecting adventures with children a joy with tips from your guide.

End of Day Definition
Have you ever heard an antiques dealer use the term "end of day"? Find out just what they're referring to here.

Learn How to Haggle
Some see bargaining for a better price as a challenge, others treat haggling as an art form. Learn how to negotiate better prices for antiques and collectibles from venue to venue with this comprehensive guide.

Faux Definition
Do you know how to pronounce faux? And what does it mean in the antiques world?

Frequently Asked Questions About Antiques and Collectibles
Just how old is an antique anyway? How do you tell if it's old? What about reproductions? Find out the answers to these questions and more with FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Antiques and Collectibles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Antiques & Collectibles
If you've ever wondered how old something has to be to be "antique" or how to tell if a piece is old, never fear. Your Guide has answers to help you with these questions and more!

Garage Sale Shopping - A Day in the Life of a "Saler"
Have you given up on garage sale shopping when it comes to finding antiques & collectibles? It might be time to rethink your position. Learn about what your guide's been scoring on her weekend treasure hunts!

General Reference Guide Recommendations
Guide Picks - Top General Guides on Antiques & Collectibles

How Can I Tell if an Object is a Reproduction?
Distinguishing antiques from reproductions takes practice, but you can learn to tell genuine antiques from newer reproductions with patience and study.

How Do You Determine the Age of an Antique or Collectible?
Ever wonder how antiques experts now how old something is? Lots of factors come into play. And while it's not learned overnight, you can pick up the knack too.

How to Find Values for Your Antiques and Collectibles?
Read more about valuing antiques and learn to come up with values for your own collectibles. Learning to value antiques and collectibles is a skill appraisers pick up over time, but with time and patience you can do it yourself.

"How To" Menu
This helpful list of "how to" features will teach you how to clean, display and care for quilts, linens, cast iron and more. You'll also learn how to bid at a live auction and be an antiques dealer!

Items Every Antiques Lover Needs
Four things all collectors, dealers and general antiques lovers should have.

Kovel's Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2012
Is "Kovel's Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide" worth the asking price? Find out here.

"New Old Stock" Definition
Sometimes an antiques dealer will refer to an item as "new old stock," but what does that really mean? Take a look at this quick tip to learn more about what qualifies as new old stock.

Patina Definition
People who deal in and appraise antiques use this word all the time. Find out what it means.

Premium Definition
Premium means superior, right? Not in the world of antiques and collectibles.

A Primer on Fine American Antique Furniture
From one of the most renowned dealers of American antique furniture for decades, Israel Sack, Inc., an introductory article on fine furniture written expressly for the About antiques site.

Provenance Definition
You've heard the term provenance a time or two in reference to antiques and collectibles, but do you know what it means?

Relief Definition
Relief has more than one meaning. Do you know what it means in reference to art and antiques?

Researching Antiques on the Web
Finding information on your antiques and collectibles doesn't have to be a tedious chore. Use this helpful guide to get you started.

Selling Your Antiques Online
Selling antiques online can be a great way to clear the clutter from your home. Learn how to do it with caution, and success, with help from your guide.

Testing Antiques with a Black Light
Testing antiques and collectibles with a black light can help with dating and authenticating, two problem areas for beginning antiquers.

Victorian Definition
The word Victorian is misused constantly in the antiques world. Do you know what it means?

Ways to Test Bakelite for Authenticity
Bakelite can be worth a lot of money these days, but only if it's the genuine article. Find out how to test it here.

Women in Antiques History
While these women may not be household names, they're definitely still impacting the collecting world. Learn more about these notable women in antiques history.

Antique & Collectors Reproduction News
Monthly newsletter to inform collectors of what's being reproduced. Also offers black lights, pocket repro reference cards and loupes for detecting fakes and repairs.

AltaVista Translations
Sometimes you'll run across an item with foreign wording on it. This useful translator can help you figure out which end is up!

Antique Periods and Motifs
A great resource for learning which motifs and makers relate to design periods such as Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian and more.

Asheford Institute of Antiques
A place to learn about everything from basic collecting to dealing in antiques. Might be too intense for some beginners, but it's worth looking into when you want to get serious about developing your antique hunting skills.

Shop Locator
Visiting antique shops can be one of the best ways to learn about antiques and collecitbles. When you're looking for new shops to browse in your neck of the woods, check out this handy shop locator from Curioscape.

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