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Selling Antiques - eBay and More

Learning to effectively market antiques and collectibles

Are You Selling Your Online Auctions Short?
Should you end an online auction when approached by an individual with a "buy it now" offer? This practice almost never pays off, and here are five good reasons why.

Have You Ever Been Approached to End an Online Auction Early?
Ending an online auction early can be very detrimental to your bottom line as an antiques seller. Have you ever been approached to do this?

How Do I Find Values for My Antiques and Collectibles Before I Sell?
Read more about valuing antiques and learn to come up with values for your collectibles. Learning to value antiques and collectibles is a skill appraisers pick up over time.

How to Be an Antiques Dealer
Being an antiques dealer can be fun and profitable, but it takes lots of hard work.

How to Pack and Ship Antiques & Collectibles Safely
Learn more about how to safely and securely package and ship a variety of antiques and collectibles.

How to Pick an Estate Sale Company
If choosing a reputable estate liquidation firm isn't as easy as you thought it was going to be, this article will point you in the right direction.

Online Selling Versus Brick and Mortar Antiques Venues
Is the traditional antiques selling venue a thing of the past, or is there a place for it in our high tech world?

Packaging Antique & Collectible Jewelry for Shipping
While most people think they're doing a good job packaging vintage and antique jewelry for shipping, pieces arrive broken every day. Avoid disappointment and learn how to do it right.

Packaging Collectible Glassware for Shipping
Learn how to package antique and collectible glassware to make sure it arrives to its shipping destination undamaged.

Packaging Pottery and Porcelain for Shipping
There are some tricky points to consider when shipping fragile pottery and porcelain antiques, but this task can be tackled successfully if you know how to package items correctly.

Packaging Vintage Textiles and Clothing for Safe Shipping
Do you know the best way to package antique textiles and vintage clothing for shipping?

Selling on eBay: Five Valuable Tips
Selling your antiques and collectibles can be easy, profitable and fun. But there are pitfalls. Check out this article from author Pamela Y. Wiggins for tips on selling with success.

Selling on eBay: Writing Winning Listing Titles
When selling on eBay, your listing title can make or break the success of your auction. Learn how zeroing in on listing title keywords and beefing them up can earn you much, much more, on eBay.

Selling Antiques - Big Bucks for Small Items
A $30,000 fishing lure? A plate worth more than $16,000? A priceless brooch found in a basket of junk for $14? Yes, it can happen. Read all about these fabulous finds.

Selling Your Antiques Online
Selling antiques online can be a great way to clear the clutter from your home. Learn how to do it with caution, and success, with help from your guide.

Shipping Ephemera and Photographs
Shipping ephemera and photographs can be accomplished safely and easily following these simple steps.

Steps to Take When You’re Growing Older or Anticipating a Move
Moving can be an overwhelming task for a collector. Follow these suggestions to work ahead and make a move much easier when the time comes.

Tips for Selling Antiques to Dealers
Sometimes selling an antique to a dealer is a great option for garnering quick cash. Get some helpful tips for selling to antiques dealers in this easy to peruse guide.

BrassPack Packaging Supply
To make sure your collectibles reach buyers safely, you'll find a variety of shipping supplies available on this site including boxes, tape and cushioning products.

For marketers going global, this site offers currency exchange calculators, measurement converters and more.

Good Descriptions Increase Sales
Online selling tips from TIAS.

How to Sell at a Flea Market
A humorous look at selling from Judith Katz-Schwartz.

Considering an online antique business? TIAS offers a quick way to get started.

Square Trade
A company offering an online dispute resolution service for auction buyers and sellers.

Vendio Selling Tools
This site offers help for online sellers with a varieity of tools useful for both auctions and websites.

Killer Stuff and Tons of Money
"Killer Stuff and Tons of Money" offers a unique look at the antiques business, and it's not all good. Read my review and you'll want to read the book.

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