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Unique and lovely silver resources
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Best Resources for Researching Silver and Silverplate Online
You can't pore over auction records and price guides for values if you don’t know exactly what you have and who made it. The Internet offers a wealth of information on sterling silver and silverplated wares. Here are some of the best spots online you assist you in researching silver origins, craftsmen and manufacturer's.

Chafing Dish Definition
What is a chafing dish? Chafing dish is defined here.

German Silver, Nickel Silver and Alpaca - What Are They?
If you run across a mark reading German silver, nickel silver or alpaca on an antique, don't be fooled by these false forms of silver. Find out what they really are here.

Melting Down Antique Silver - Would You Sell an Antique Silver Item for Scrap?
Some people would rather take the money and run rather than taking time to appreciate an antique silver item. Are you one of those people?

Shining Brightly: Silver Care and Display
Don't be afraid of antique silver. Proper care and storage can mean enjoying shining silver wares for the holidays and beyond.

Silver and Silver Plate Price Guides
What's your silver and silver plate worth? Find out more here.

Tips for Collecting Silver
Want to collect a few pieces of antique silver or silverplate, but have to clue how to get started? Take a look here for a few smart ideas.

American Silver Marks
An online encyclopedia including the marks and makers information for over 130 manufacturers of sterling, coin silver and silver plate with great illustrations.

American Souvenir Spoons
This useful site offers listings of maker's marks, state crests and a glossary of spoon collecting terms.

Chinese Silver
An expert tells how to identify Chinese silver from Antiques Roadshow

Daniel Low & Co. Catalog - Sterling Accessories in 1901
This beautiful online display from Morning Glory Antiques provides a glimpse of sterling silver ladies accessory items available wholesale in 1901.

Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks
This site offering more than 10,000 marks provides an excellent place to begin your silver research.

A wealth of silver information including British hallmarks, world silver standards and a glossary of silver terminology.

Silverplate Flatware Pattern Identification Guide
This pictorial guide is an invaluable resource to help you identify and date silverplate flatware patterns from a number of popular makers.

Souvenir Spoon Museum
Billed as "an eclectic mix of unusual silver spoons for your viewing pleasure" including the "infamous Salem Witch" spoon that started it all.

Spratling Silver Reference Site
From a biography to information on Hallmarks and tips for collectors, this is a super site offering a wealth of information on this well-known Mexican silver artist.

Sterling Flatware Pattern Identification Guide
An excellent pictorial guide to help you identify and date sterling silver flatware patterns from a number of popular makers.

Sterling Ring Boxes
This slide show feature offers a beautiful look at collecting sterling ring boxes.

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