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Valuing Antiques - Price Guides, Appraisals and Advice

Prices and appraisals for all your antiques
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Five Record-Breaking Auctions from 2013
Did you know a Beatles album, a rare Hermes Kelly handbag and a Persian carpet, among other interesting items, shattered auction records in 2014?

Should You Buy Damaged or Repaired Antiques and Collectibles?
There's one instance when buying damaged antiques or collectibles might be acceptable. Read more about why it's usually better to avoid them though.

Valuing Antiques & Collectibles: Concerns About Condition
Condition is paramount when in valuing antiques and collectibles. Find out more about this important aspect of antiquing.

Valuing Antiques Like an Appraiser
Wondering how to get started when it comes to valuing antiques and collectibles? With a few basic tips, you'll be valuing like a pro in no time.

Valuing Antiques - Price Guides, Appraisals and Other Resources
Need some help valuing and pricing your antiques? Find a number of helpful resources here.

Ways to Add Value to Your Antiques
Many antiques are valuable in a sentimental way, others have value due to demand in the marketplace. There's even intrinsic value when pieces are made from precious materials. You can actually make your antiques even more valuable in a number of ways, whether you plan to sell them or just pass them on to future generations.

Antiques Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2014 Price Guide

Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles 2014
Wondering if Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2014 might be the right price guide for you? Find out more about it here.

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