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Book Reveals Napier Jewelry Secrets


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Eleven Years of Research Shared Thanks to Pre-Order Sales
The Napier Co. Book Cover

Book Cover for The Napier Co.

Photo Courtesy of Melinda Lewis
Jewelry historian Melinda Lewis spent eleven years compiling the research that went into this book and more than six months garnering enough pre-sales to make sure her work made it into print. Her efforts are now allowing her to share some pretty interesting stories she uncovered along her journey, including busting a few myths along the way.

Lewis examined contradictions surrounding the company's history and uncovered facts previously unknown about the products distributed by Napier, which included working closely with Henry Swen who was employed with the firm as a salesman for more than 35 years. Those curious about what Lewis has to share with readers, can still visit TheNapierBook.com to order a copy.

The book features more than 4,000 photos of Napier’s jewelry and giftware, beginning with the early products made by E.A. Bliss coveted by collectors today, in a decade by decade format that spans the years between 1875 and 2000. The 1,000-page title also shares invaluable information on jewelry of impeccable quality made by Napier from the 1940s through the 1980s.

"Forget about what you used to think about Napier. It’s a hidden treasure in the collectibles market of vintage jewelry," Lewis said via press release. "If you go by name only and believe that Napier produced exclusively modest tailored pieces, you’re going to miss out an opportunity to purchase some phenomenal jewelry."

This title also shares little-known information about the company and its founders gleaned from interviews with more than 50 ex-employees ranging from top level executives to jewelry designers and plant managers. Among the myths busted in the book is the legend of the "Mamie Eisenhower" bracelet.

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